re-imagining urban movement. through AI.

What We Do


Today cities are challenged with urban growth, environmental pressure, infrastructure needs and growing demands from residents to deliver a better experience. Traffic and its management are one of the fundamental components to deliver the best service to stakeholders within a city.
Traditional methods to address these challenges have worked, however, we are at the dawn of a new era where we have access to smart technologies that can help cities meet these challenges in a new way. And it all begins with data.

In life, often the things that we grow up with, we take for granted... We believe we can’t change the future… we can’t do it differently. In a way, the greatest gift Mandela gave all of us, was to show we can change.
As a people we can come together and change anything, create new opportunities and make all our lives better.
At Hamba, we believe we can change the way we move through a city. The red, the green and the amber lights we have been long accustomed to, should not control the flow of traffic, the traffic should control the lights.
All we need to achieve this, is to believe in a new future… powered by intelligence and data.

is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) focused technology company that uses Machine Learning, Big Data and mathematical techniques to create real life solutions, allows for a new perspective on the challenges and opportunities of the traffic grid within any urban environment. Our specialized teams are focused on creating solutions that explore the traffic ecosystem and intelligently evaluate opportunities for the integration of dynamic real time technology and infrastructural investment across the urban landscape. Hamba has a patent-pending proprietary software that predicts & controls traffic flow, using machine learning, which can save 20% on travel time and significantly improve a City's carbon footprint

Why Are We Different?

Products & Solutions

AI is here and its disrupting many industries, including transportation. Through our key digital capabilities, robust AI adoption, proactive AI strategies and competent team, we can ensure the delivery of world class transportation solutions for governments and private institutions.

If you looking for solutions to ease traffic congestion, assist with priority routing by vehicle class (public transport, emergency vehicles, etc.), then you have come to the right partners who deliver world class solutions.


A full stack dynamic traffic signal timing. This includes a frontend, backend, cloud and IoT infrastructure solution for City Transport Departments. Our world class Machine Learning algorithm can anticipate and predict traffic flow, which allows us to dynamically manage any traffic network. This allows us to measure and improve commuters travel and wait time.


To enable existing signal providers, Hamba:LiteGreen provides an API gateway, with signal phases and timing. Our software integrates with existing networks, or IoT platforms, to allow for live management and control of a network.


AI Powered route planning solutions for logistics, courier and last mile service providers. These solutions significantly assists with optimized routing which increases fleet efficiency, reduces costs and fuel use.


Advisory and consulting services offered to government and private sectors. Our services covers an array of requirements, with the common denominator of using data and technology to drive better decisions.


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